Eric Eidlin

Eric Eidlin has continued his longtime passions for sustainable transportation and sustainable urban development as a community planner with the Federal Transit Administration. His management portfolio of projects include such mega-projects as the $2.3 billion BART to San Jose Extension and the $1.9 billion Transbay Transit Center Project.
Eidlin also has a special function in the office as the sustainability coordinator to the Federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities (PSC). Through his PSC activities, Eidlin spearheaded the creation of a working group focusing of the identification and development of policies and programs in the San Francisco Bay Area that integrate transportation and land use with the potential of serving as a national model. The group published a report showcasing more than 100 policies, tools and projects aiming to overcome the barriers to housing and transportation coordination. Eidlin’s exemplary leadership and contributions resulted in his receipt of the FTA’s Award of Special Merit in 2011.

Eidlin also served as a key member of the city of Fresno’s Strong Cities Strong Communities (SC2) team. Eidlin’s leadership efforts led to a change in the routing of Fresno’s first bus rapid transit (BRT) line to better connect the BRT to Fresno’s historic core and main street, the Fulton Mall.

Eidlin was a Fulbright Scholar in 1999-2000 and studied Urban Sociology at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, that year. In part because of that experience, in 2013, Eidlin was awarded a prestigious fellowship from the German Marshall Fund’s Urban and Regional Policy Program to study HSR stations in France and Germany. As one of only three candidates selected from a highly competitive field of 80 international applicants, Eidlin has presented his research in important venues, including the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting and at SPUR, a Bay Area urban planning think-tank.