Eric Hellstern

Mr. Hellstern is the Vice President of Sales at Citelum US. With over ten (10) years of Energy Savings Performance Contract Work, Hellstern serves as a leader in the expansion of the North American Market.

During his time at Siemens, Hellstern had the opportunity to lead the company’s project development teams to successfully acquire and complete numerous Energy Conservation Projects, Lighting Upgrades, and Renewable Energy Projects. He was responsible for directing, marketing, and coordination of funding solutions, as well as facilitating national resources to drive projects to success.

Hellstern has been involved in significant Energy Savings Programs, for both the Local Government, Healthcare, Federal, and Higher Education Departments. Some including the University of Maryland, Delaware Department of Transportation, Delaware State University

Currently, Mr. Hellstern leads the Citelum us effort to provide customized end to end lighting solution for urban environments. Citelum’s global management performance services cover the entire value chain. From innovative solutions to upgrade the existing street lighting infrastructure; offers for maintenance contracts with lighting performance guaranteed; to highlights of key historical and iconic city buildings through artistic lighting; these solutions, integrated into a lighting master plan, are designed to push forward brighter, greener, safer cities and smarter place to live.