Hubert Julien-Lafferiere

Hubert Julien Laferrière has been the Mayor of the 9th district of Lyon (the second largest city in France) since last March. He was Deputy Mayor of Lyon, and Vice president of the Grand Lyon Metropolitan area in charge of International Cooperation from 2008 to March 2014 and had already been the Mayor of the 9th district of Lyon from 2003 to 2008.

He is also an associate professor at the institute of political studies (IEP) of Lyon, director of the Master “Development Cooperation in Maghreb and Middle East”. Hubert graduated in Political Sciences, Public and International Law and was a lecturer in community legislation and European policies at the University of Lyon before being hired as a professor at the Institute of political science of Lyon in 2011.

As mayor of the ninth arrondissement, Hubert has led the renewing program of Vaise and Duchère neighborhoods, working with state agencies and local government partners. He is particularly involved in issues of urban policy, housing and youth integration, especially in the Duchère district, registered as a national priority in the urban renewal program of the French government and the National Urban Renewal Agency (ANRU). He is also the Vice President of Grand Lyon Habitat, a public housing office that owns more than 30,000 social housing units

As Vice president of the Grand Lyon Metropolitan area and Deputy mayor of Lyon in charge of international cooperation and international solidarity, he has promoted the development of cooperation projects with the partner cities of Lyon, mobilized and supported the stakeholders of Lyon working on international solidarity and contributed to international and national debates on the essential role of local authorities in the development process. At the same time, he also co-chaired the Committee for development-cooperation of UCLG (united cities and local governments) and represented the organization of local governments at both Accra and Busan’ forum on aid effectiveness.