Kendall Pelling

Over the past 13 years Kendall has led the planning and implementation of a comprehensive residential development strategy for the distressed urban neighborhood of East Liberty. This process has included the acquisition of all vacant abandoned properties and interventions in the foreclosure markets and substandard rental housing market. Large Scale development of affordable and market rate housing is now underway. The real estate based crime strategy has reduced part 1 crimes by 49%. These interventions have caused median home values to rise by 70% since the start of the national housing crisis. Low income homeowners now have equity in their homes.
Kendall is an expert in public and nonprofit systems to recycle vacant and abandoned properties, serving on numerous taskforces at the local and state levels. Kendall has degrees in Public Policy and Management from the University of Southern California and Carnegie Mellon University and is a graduate of the Coro Fellows program in Public Affairs. He is an elder at Valley View Presbyterian church and lives in the urban neighborhood of Garfield.