Session#1: How to achieve city energy transition?

  • Key Questions: 
    • What are the objectives of the energy transition in your city?
    • How to finance City energy transition?
    • How to work with the stakeholders (inhabitants, utilities...)?
  • Moderator: Bob Lazaro, Northern Virginia Regional Commission

Session#2: Smart & Micro Grids: demos, pilots, and then?

  • Key Questions: 
    • What are current samrt grid results and what can we expect in a near future?
    • How to go beyond demos and pilots?
    • What are current sticking points and how to overcome them (privacy, legal issues...)?
  • Chairmen:
    • Didier Duc, Energy Director, City of Metz (Fr)
    • Mike Osbourne, Chairman of the electric utility commission, city of Austin Texas (TX)
  • Moderator: Lawrence Jones, Vice President Utility Innovations & Infrastructure Resilience, Alstom Grid North America

Session#3: Energy efficiency in buildings?

  • Key Questions: 
    • What tools for cities to refurbish existing buildings?
    • How can a city boost construction of new energy efficient building?
    • How to finance energy efficiency at the city level?
  • Moderator: Sandra Baer, Senior Director for Alliances, Smart Cities Council

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