Michèle Sabban

Ms Michèle SABBAN is Île de France Regional Counsellor, formerly Vice-President of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France – in charge of general administration, staff and procurement contracts from March 1998. Ile de France is the capital region of France and the wealthiest regional area in Europe. Since the beginning of her term, she has worked on strengthening ties and cooperation between Ile de France and European Institutions.

She was elected President of the Assembly of European Regions (AER) at the General Assembly in Tampere (Finland) in November 2008 (re-elected in November 2010, until may 2013). The Assembly of European Regions is the largest independent network of regions in wider Europe. Bringing together more than 250 regions from 35 countries and 16 interregional organisations, AER is the political voice of its members and a forum for interregional co-operation. Within AER, Michèle SABBAN is working to improve the recognition of Regions as major actors in designing and implementing fair and efficient public policies, most notably in the fields of climate change, youth mobility and economic development of European territories.

Founding Member of R20, Regions of Climate Actions in 2010, together with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, she was appointed President in March 2012. R20 helps states, provinces, regions and other subnational governments around the world to develop, implement and communicate low-carbon and climate-resilient economic development projects, policies and best practices.

Michèle Sabban was born in Kef (Tunisia) on 1954. She earned a Fine Arts Degree from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts (Paris).