Session#1: Comprehensive tools for ecological and social development

  • Key Questions: 
  • Moderator: 

Session#2: Which solutions for social and economic revival?

  • Key Questions: 
  • Chairmen:
    • Maud Lelièvre, council member, Saint Denis (France), secretary general of “Ecomayors”
    • Matt Zone, Deputy mayor , Cleveland OH
  • Speakers:

Session#3: Making citizens active partners or urban policy

  • Key Questions: 
  • Speakers:
    • Céline Gipoulon, City planner, specialist of housing policies and urban revitalization, consultant
    • Kendall Pelling, Director, Land Recycling East Liberty Development 
    • Eddy Adams, Expert adviser, URBACT
  • Moderator: Chris Forinash, Program Director, Institute for Sustainable communities

Reports and Presentations