In order to be useful for cities officials in their will to make their city more sustainable, six workshops will be organized on Thursday. These workshops aim at easing information sharing and help the attendees to strengthen their local action plan. Five of those six workshops will deal with sectorial issues: Transportation & Land Use, Energy & Water, Waste Management, Resiliency, Urban policy & Community Empowerment. The sixth workshop Methods and Finance for Sustainable Cities will deal with cross-cutting issues: Governance, Finance, Green Growth & Green Jobs, GHG Calculation Methods, etc.


Each workshops will be divided in three 90 minutes sessions, covering three main challenges that cities and local governments have to deal with for stronger communities. The workshop sessions will provide a right balance between best practices sharing and creativity.  After the presentations of the French and the American co-chair, the discussion will be oriented on  the search of disruptive but concrete solutions for stronger cities.


Outputs from the workshops will be shared and discussed during a plenary session on March 6th. A high level panel of Mayors, Government officials, Businesses and French diplomats in charge of the preparation of the Paris Climate Conference will discuss of this outputs. The initiatives presented during the workshop will also be compiled in a Good Practices Book that will be published just after the event. The ideas produced during the creativity session will also be compiled in this publication.